Kentucky Lottery breaks sales records. Again.

We were proud to see news this week highlighting the Kentucky Lottery’s record-breaking sales year. The most recent report for Fiscal Year 2019 shows sales increased $87.1 million, with total sales over $1.1 billion for the year. This new sales record eclipses the prior record set last year.

But the real story is that the increase in sales also brings an increase in funding to Kentucky’s General Fund… to pay for college scholarships and other education programs. That contribution amounted to nearly $264 million in the last year, up 4 percent from the prior year. And as more Kentuckians have the opportunity to attend and graduate college, everybody wins.

We asked BCH Creative Director Brian Garr what’s the secret sauce that has helped our work with the Kentucky Lottery be a part of breaking records year over year. Here’s what he had to say:

The Kentucky Lottery offers people the opportunity to play, and BCH’s imaginative style of storytelling fits right in with that. Of course, there is strategy, marketing goals and ROI metrics in the mix, but what we want to give the audience is a simple reminder to embrace their sense of “play.”

-Brian Garr, Creative Director

Garr referenced several recent campaigns including last holiday’s spot featuring the sweet grandma recently been run over by a reindeer telling her story of giving Scratch-offs as gifts; the magical lottery vending machine that is fueled by icons of Kentucky pride to create a new exclusive game for Kentuckians; and, celebrating the Kentucky Lottery’s 30th anniversary through a tongue-in-cheek thank you note to 1989 giving the audience a fun trip down memory lane, big hair and all.

In the end, it’s a shared appreciation for “play” that has fueled the success among BCH, the Kentucky Lottery, and its audience.