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A Showcase of Client Success Stories

For over a decade, our partnership with Republic Bank has yielded remarkable growth and success. We’d like to share with you some work from other impactful collaborations with great clients. From captivating brand narratives to data-driven digital campaigns, each success story showcases results we’ve achieved together.

Republic Bank

At the core of Republic Bank is a deep commitment to ensuring the communities it serves thrive. This flier was part of a grassroots initiative to connect with multicultural communities that have been traditionally underserved and underbanked.

Many in these communities had lost trust in banks altogether. Instead of a flashy TV ad or generic promotion, we sought to start building trust by taking a compassionate approach that acknowledged the challenges these communities have faced. We led with the solutions: Recognizing their unique journeys, respecting their specific needs – and responding with tailored banking solutions designed to meet those needs.

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AmeriServe/Serve Kentucky

No matter where you live in Kentucky, there’s an AmeriCorps office with members ready to help the community in times of need. This could mean disaster recovery, food delivery in bad weather, financial education, or sprucing up local parks.

Yes, the scope of the organization, commonly referred to as a domestic Peace Corps, is broader than a menu at The Cheesecake Factory, yet only 3 in 10 Kentuckians knew what it was. 

To address this issue, we launched an extensive awareness and recruitment campaign to build the brand, increase recognition, and attract new members to join the AmeriCorps mission of serving communities across the state.

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Buffalo Trace Distillery

Here, we explore the storied past of Buffalo Trace Distillery, examining how their legacy and whiskeys have been shaped by the intriguing question: “What if?” Through this lens, the narrative explores the innovative spirit that has defined the distillery, showcasing how their commitment to curiosity and excellence has crafted a range of whiskeys that continue to enamor consumers worldwide.


Belle of Louisville

Making its maiden voyage way back in 1914, the Belle of Louisville holds the title of the oldest still-operating Mississippi-style steamboat in the world. It became a permanent resident of the River City in 1931, and its signature red paddlewheel has propelled countless passengers up and down the Ohio ever since.  

The challenge? How do you create excitement around an iconic fixture of the community that’s been beloved by generations of Louisvillians for the better part of a century? Turns out, there’s a lot more to the Belle than most locals know, so we launched a brand campaign to spread the word far and wide – just like the vintage vessel’s steam-powered calliope.

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Kentucky Lottery

When it comes to branding and marketing, the Kentucky Lottery is a jackpot of moving parts. From supporting regular ticket launches with broadcast, print, outdoor, digital – and social – to creating POS displays designed to break through the clutter on countertops and at gas stations from Pikeville to Paducah – to its own statewide periodical, The Quarter, the Kentucky Lottery offers our creative team thousands of ways to win.

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When most people think about which clients offer the most exciting creative opportunities, few would choose their local sewer district. Louisville MSD, however, proves that just because you’re in a draining industry, that doesn’t mean you can’t still be flush with great opportunities.
The Bowl Patrol is a trio of wastewater warriors who spread the news about the dos – and don’ts – of bathroom business. They embody the mythical “Three Ps,” which, if you spend much time in Derby City, you know stand for pee, poo, and toilet paper.
Of course, the coup de grâce creative feat from MSD involved giving an unsightly pump station set in the middle of downtown a glow-up – with a message about the organization’s dedication to ensuring safe, clean waterways across the region.

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Educational Mascot

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REÀL Infused Exotics

Reàl Infused Exotics offers an upscale collection of fruit-infused purees designed to add bold flavor to almost anything. We celebrate the unique charm of these artisanal syrups, crafted from the world’s finest fruits and 100-percent pure cane sugar. Our social media narrative highlights the brand’s innovative spirit and mixology expertise, inviting culinary creatives and cocktail enthusiasts to explore unparalleled flavor experiences.

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The Healing Place

Overcoming addiction takes work, and it’s a journey that requires a lifetime of unwavering dedication. In this campaign for The Healing Place, we steer clear of obscuring the truth about rehab with empty promises or disingenuous guarantees. Our outdoor and digital campaign for The Healing Place confronts the realities of recovery head-on, highlighting the center’s commitment to honest, hard work as the foundation for genuine healing and transformation.

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