Louisville Water Company is a respected utility known for a history of innovation, stellar customer service and the best tasting tap water around. A common issue faced by many customers though is unexpected bill overages caused by hidden leaks. For instance, drippy faucets  and running toilets, which can waste up to 90 gallons per day. 

To protect customers from overages like these, Louisville Water developed a whole new type of home-coverage product and chose BCH Agency to help pilot and test market it. The WaterPro Leak Protection Plan gives customers up to $3,000 of coverage for $3 a month. However, the concept of bill-overage protection is unfamiliar and potentially confusing to many, so we needed to design and build an informative, entertaining, engaging launch campaign.


Financial Services


Paid Media

Strategic Approach

Our strategy was to create a highly targeted digital ad campaign consisting of :06 and :15 YouTube pre-roll ads, static and dynamic display ads, and Facebook placements. Again, since water bill overage protection is an unfamiliar kind of product to many consumers – and none of our media formats allowed for lengthy, explanatory messages – we focused on delivering a high-impact, easy-to-understand messaging to inform, entertain and engage consumers. 


Though the WaterPro Leak Protection Plan isn’t an insurance product, it works like one in that it provides coverage when needed. 

Taking a page from the playbooks of many big insurance brands, we used humor as our creative hook, aiming to capture attention and build affinity for the brand. Our tongue-in-cheek approach featured household fixtures like talking toilets and leaky faucets cautioning viewers against the potential financial consequences of undetected leaks.

But you don’t have to take our word for it: Just listen to the leaky fixtures.