What started as a side-hustle in a side bedroom is now one of the nation’s fastest growing lifestyle eyewear brands: Shady Rays. With the company’s rapid growth came the need for more strategic, brand building communications efforts to compliment their already strong marketing and digital advertising presence. So, we put on our shades and hit the ground running.


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Strategic Approach

It was about seeing the company through a different “lens” per se. Not just the need to buy a pair of shades, but why these shades over the competition. It was about finding the key differentiator, the “reason to believe” we should say, and when you hit that sweet spot, that’s where you build brand advocates. For Shady Rays, it’s the charitable giving element that comes with every single order. 

For every pair of shades that’s purchased in the U.S., Shady Rays donates to Feeding America and other Global FoodBanking Network partners. To date, the company has donated more than 20 million meals to fight hunger across America. Now, that’s a story writers want to write and readers want to read.


We’ve taken a young entrepreneur and propelled him and his brand to the forefront of customers’ minds. Our earned media coverage has garnered more than 158 million impressions and has been covered in the likes of Forbes, Authority Magazine, Insider and Outdoor Gear Labs (to name a few!). 

We’ve told the founder story – how the company was built with the purpose of giving back – and how those commitments have translated into doing good across the world. From meal donations, to removing plastic from oceans, BCH has been able to tell the Shady Rays story in creative ways. We’ve helped Shady Rays build brand advocates and long-term customers…including ourselves!