We introduced our audiences to the easiest bank in town.

The Story

Republic Bank had a long history as a local bank in Kentucky but in recent years expanded as a regional financial institution in multiple states.  We were brought in to re-Brand.  We found in our research and planning that part of the re-Branding needed to overcome some perceptual barriers.  The bank’s overall brand image was being driven by the image of their products. Our objective was to rebrand the bank with an image and messaging that would allow the products to have a place “under the umbrella.”  In addition, the new Brand also needed to establish a new culture with Republic’s internal audience…employees.  As we personified in our strategy statement based on our research, Republic needed to move from a persona of “they do loans” to “they want to help…they unwind my ball of yarn.”  Our strategy was simple and one that we could use to build an emotional connection to Republic…become easy…as we summed up in the positioning line “It’s just easier here.”

Project Re-Branding / Website / Print / Digital / Video / TV / Collateral
Deliverables Research / Planning / Design / Creative / Social / Media
Business Segment Financial Institution

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To date, the re-Branding has been a documented success with substantial increases in market share, loan portfolio and deposit accounts. A new internal culture has flourished. Follow up quantitative research indicates increases in awareness, customer satisfaction and mobile internet offerings. Also favorable perceptions among “millennials,” a key target, have been realized.

Some specifics:

  • Checking Accounts are plus 23% in the last 12 months
  • Home Equity loans are plus 12%
  • Qualitative research will be conducted later in 2016
  • Stock price has risen 33 percent over the past two years
“We own the word Easy in all of our markets due to the efforts of BCH.”
Michael Sadofsky, VP Marketing, Republic Bank

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