Becoming known as the “easy” bank.

With experience serving nearly ten local, regional and national bank clients, BCH is well schooled in the marketing and advertising challenges of the banking and financial industry.

Our partnership with Republic Bank began in 2007. Since then, we have provided branding, marketing and advertising expertise, and in 2014 we signed on as the bank’s Agency of Record. Republic Bank is now one of the fastest-growing, best-performing regional banks in the country.




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Changing perceptions to meet new challenges.

Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, Republic Bank built its reputation on loan products. With many local and regional competitors disappearing and being replaced by large national banking corporations, Republic decided to shift focus away from its loan products and rebrand itself as a reliable, full-service banking partner to compete head-to-head with the big banks.


Listening to customers.

When BCH became Republic Bank’s Agency of Record in 2014, we conducted extensive, qualitative research, holding focus groups of existing customers of Republic – as well as non-customers – to get a clear understanding of what consumers were looking for in a banking partner.

The insights we gained from the groups revealed a simple answer: Customers wanted a robust suite of products and services, convenient locations and ready-access to online and mobile banking solutions. But in addition to all that, they wanted a  bank they didn’t have to think about – a bank that made life easier.

This simple insight led us to position Republic as the easiest bank to do business with. Since existing customers had great things to say about the bank’s customer service and advanced technology relative to national competitors, it was a natural fit.

We set out to rebrand Republic Bank in a way that would allow them to own the word “easy.” Because great brands start from the inside out, we developed an internal campaign to make the idea of “easy” an integral part of the organization’s culture.

We then took our “easy banking” message to the people and introduced a tagline that over the past several years has become synonymous with the Republic Bank brand:
It’s just easier here.


The “Easy” brand position has led to consistent double-digit KPI increases across the board.

Anchored by the iconic tagline, ”It’s just easier here,” our five-year campaign for Republic Bank has led to epic, sustained growth.

Consistent with research from the 4As which concludes that there exists a strong relationship between effective branding and stock performance – earnings for the company have increased 92% over the past five years that the “Easy” campaign has been running.