The Louisville Orchestra is globally recognized for innovation, creativity and excellence – a reputation well earned since its founding in 1937.

However, around 2010 the organization hit a challenging passage. Attendance was down, apathy was up – and financial struggles, combined with an extended musicians’ strike, had sullied the LO brand and left the organization’s future in question. Then came Teddy Abrams – a dynamic young conductor with an ambitious vision to make the LO known as “the most interesting orchestra on the planet.”

With a fresh face at the podium, it was time to put a fresh face on the brand.





Brand Management

Strategic Approach

The arrival of a passionate, talented, charismatic young conductor injected energy into a brand that had become stale. In the spirit of striking while the iron’s hot, the LO chose us to perform a comprehensive rebrand using BCH Brand Adoption™.

Target audience research gave us valuable insights into how people currently viewed the LO – and what they believed it could be. We used tools like brand personifications and keyword and benefit analysis to develop a brand platform on which we could build something truly special.

Creative Solution

With a brand platform in place, it was time to bring the new LO brand to life with an elegant, modern visual identity. We also developed a renewed vision for the organization – and a brand promise to “educate, entertain and inspire audiences through creative and engaging performances.”

The essence of the new LO brand? Transformative Performance. In the years since its introduction, Teddy Abrams and crew have lived up to that notion, maintaining momentum and growing the LO’s audience by bringing the orchestra out Whitney Hall to audiences across the community.