It’s safe to say – much like the coasters that course through it each day – Kentucky Kingdom has had its share of ups and downs. It opened in 1987 under the ownership of the Kentucky State Fair Board but went bankrupt after just one season. It was reopened in 1990 by local businessman Ed Hart who helped grow the park into such a success that it was purchased by a large national amusement park chain in 1998. 

Over a decade later, however, the Kingdom was in decline. A scourge of unruly guests (plus a well-publicized ride injury) made the thrill park thrilling for all the wrong reasons, and parkgoers cooled, choosing instead to drive a couple of hours to spend their dollars at closeby regional parks. 

Kentucky Kingdom ended up closing again and sat vacant for several years until Ed Hart returned to resurrect it. However, along with the rides and attractions, his team had other major repairs to do… this time to the park’s reputation. 

Enter BCH Agency.




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Strategic Approach

Kentucky Kingdom had come to mean something negative in the minds of consumers – and that’s not a great place to be. The return of a former (local) owner offered a comfortable familiarity to the small contingent of fans who were in the know, and the promise of major renovations didn’t hurt either. But what could be done to soften the image of the park among the general public? 

When it comes to theme park attendance, moms hold the keys to the castle – and Kentucky Kingdom was perceived as somewhere they’d prefer to keep their children far, far away from. So we engineered a new creative approach to rebrand the park, leaving behind the thrill for something more chill.

Creative Solution

Our creative approach was an admitted departure from the usual amusement park fare. Take our broadcast spots, for instance. Instead of a collection of nausea-inducing camera cuts set to the blood-curdling screams of young children, we toned things down, playfully employing slow motion and classical music to magnify magical moments while capturing a peaceful, serene version of a fun day with the family.


At the end of the day, Kentucky Kingdom’s reputation reset worked. Parkgoers flocked back through the gates, and the now-stabilized brand continues to thrive, standing stronger than ever before.

In first season

sales goal on season pass campaign

In second season

increase in daily attendance

A restored reputation in the minds of consumers

(especially moms)