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Kentucky Lottery’s diverse product portfolio contributes to record breaking sales.

In the Lottery industry, Scratch-offs, Powerball and Mega Millions are the games that come to mind. Within the draw game category, Powerball and Mega Millions are household names. However, there are many other draw games that greatly contribute to the bottom line of a state lottery and its many beneficiaries. For the Kentucky Lottery these “socially played” terminal games include Keno, Fast Play, and Cash POP. These are the heavy hitters that greatly contribute to year-over-year record breaking sales.




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Build interest in “socially played“ games during a socially-distanced year.

The “socially played” terminal games category is heavily reliant on in-store purchases, as well as in the unique “stay and play” atmosphere available at bars and restaurants. These purchase destinations are two areas that have been greatly affected by COVID-19. In addition, the availability of online grocery shopping and home delivery services, impacted purchases made from in-store traffic. How can we keep our loyal players engaged? And an even more crucial question during this time: How can we attract new players?


Develop creative that appeals to entertainment and value-seeking consumers

The biggest insight derived from consumer sentiment over the past year, is that people are looking for new entertainment outlets and at a value. The Kentucky Lottery’s product portfolio solves both of these issues with a variety of games and price points.

Although they can be played at most retailers, these “socially played” terminal games are unique in the sense that they are heavily played at bars and restaurants. Their namesakes create new interest with lapse, and draw in new players who may have been holding out for the Powerball or Mega Millions jackpots to roll to the hundreds-of-millions price point. Our strategy was to communicate how easy Keno, Fast Play and Cash POP are to play for just a few bucks. Most importantly, it’s how these games create a few minutes of entertainment in your day, with the possibility of winning various cash prize amounts every time you play.

Outside of Powerball and Mega Million, Keno certainly has the highest awareness of any draw game in the Kentucky Lottery portfolio. It’s also been a game that’s had the most advertising support relative to the Draw Game category over the last five years. This spot drives home the fact that this game can truly be played anywhere – in-store, at a bar or restaurant, on your computer, and even on your phone.
Fast Play is a unique category of games that feature instant win cash prizes and the opportunity to win a percentage of the rolling jackpot, which grows with every ticket sold. These games are often described as ‘a Scratch-off ticket that’s already been scratched.’ This category of games taps into the player’s immediate gratification knowing that they are able to instantly know if they’ve won.
Cash POP is a game that can be likened to a simplified version of Keno. By that, we mean that the player simply chooses a number from 1-15 and waits for the draw to see if they’ve won.


Keno Sales

Month over Month

During our four week TV flight in the Spring of 2021

Fast Play Sales

Month over Month

During our four week TV flight in October 2020

Cash Pop Sales

Month over Month

After a four week flight that introduced this new game at the height of stay-at-home orders