Four Roses Bourbon is one of the fastest growing Bourbon brands in America by year over year sales volume.

With 30+ years of experience in brand and product development, including packaging and defining audience sets, working in the Beverage/Alcohol category is a strength of BCH. BCH is proud to have been Four Roses Agency of Record since their reintroduction into the U.S. in 2004.




Product Development
CRM Program


For many years Four Roses had the reputation as a high-quality, top shelf Bourbon.

For many years Four Roses had the reputation as a high-quality, top-shelf Bourbon. Once the brand was bought and new ownership changed the process and ingredients of the products, the brand quickly grew to be known as a bottom-shelf whiskey in the eyes of consumers across America for many years. While production remained in the quaint town of Lawrenceburg, Ky, the brand became an export for over three decades before reentering the U.S. under new ownership in the early 2000s. This re-entry into the U.S. was during a time when many new brands were entering the Bourbon scene and the category was on the rise but not quite leading the Spirits industry as it does today.

How do you transform a name that had fallen out of favor in the United States to one of the most beloved and sought-after premium Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskeys in the world?


BCH rebranded Four Roses and used the brands unique brand features/attributes to speak to the quality of the products and their taste profiles in a way that no other Bourbon could. The marketing and communication strategy that relaunched the brand in 2004 was built upon a solid and simple brand platform, “best tasting”.

The idea was centered around changing perceptions of the brand and elevating the brands poor credibility with a new premium Bourbon and a rebranding campaign with a new modern look. The campaign introduced Single Barrel, a 100-proof, high-quality, Bourbon Straight Whiskey. In 2006, we added to the product mix, Small Batch, providing two premium quality and tasting Bourbons to overcome the “bottom shelf” stigma from the 1950’s.

Over the last two decades, the Bourbon category has seen triple-digit growth, and diversifying the portfolio with new products was and continues to be key to ensuring a brand has price points and taste profiles that meet users where they are and for every type of occasion.

After developing, designing, and launching Four Roses Small Batch, BCH worked closely with Four Roses to develop the product strategy for (3) additional line extensions to continue to keep the brand competitive within the category, but more importantly, developing a brand story that truly spotlighted the uniqueness of Four Roses distillation process with two mashbills and their proprietary yeast strains that creates 10 distinct Bourbon recipes.


The brand strategy has evolved over the years but the focus and commitment remains consistent: to spread the love of a historic brand by emphasizing quality, expanding with new product lines, reaching new audiences, and stewarding brand partnerships to connect directly with all Bourbon drinkers in an approachable way that increases sales and wins market share in a highly competitive category.

BCH developed the strategy, design, and launch of:

4 line extensions:

Small Batch – the flagship product that leads double-digital sales growth for the brand

Small Batch Select

Limited Edition Series

Private Barrel Selection Small Batch Series

Redesigned the “classic” Four Roses 80-proof packaging to align with the premium line extensions listed above to create a family of products under the same brand umbrella.

Development, implementation, and ongoing management of their CRM program, Mellow Moments Club – a club that opens to the public every quarter; all available spots fill within an average of 5 minutes of the online registration opening due to strong brand loyalty and desire for ambassadorship.

10 years+ of double-digital national sales growth…specifically 200+ percent sales growth since 2015.

One of Drizly’s “Top Selling Single Barrel Bourbon”.

Most recently in 2021, the bragging rights of being one of the fastest-growing Bourbon brands in America based on national case sales.