Where The Money Goes Messaging

This example is relevant to you as an organization wanting the general public to better understand your philanthropic efforts for the senior citizens of the State of Pennsylvania.

The Kentucky Lottery has been serving the state for more than 30 years, raising money for education, awarding jackpots – and adding a little fun to day-to-day life for millions across the Commonwealth.


By law, The Kentucky Lottery (KLC) was not allowed to advertise or talk about how the proceeds from the Lottery’s operations benefited the state. As a result, a lot of distrust about where the money is going was created by this lack of knowledge, and the Lottery was not being viewed as positively as it should be by the citizens of Kentucky. And then, one day everything changed, allowing the Lottery to promote how the money it made was used to help the Commonwealth.


Present a more contemporary, caring and engaged Lottery organization, one that is truly one with Kentucky; deeply involved in helping to increase the quality of life for the people of Kentucky on a daily basis.


Part of our process included multiple discussion groups among the target audience.  Within these groups we asked the participants what it meant to know that the proceeds from the Lottery funded KEES Scholarships 100% and helped millions of Kentucky students over the years to fund their college educations. We utilized several tools including projective exercises, personifications, and key word analysis to understand the feelings and emotions this knowledge created.

Our recommendation included a new corporate tagline to be used long with the new corporate logo. A tagline that communicates both the fun of playing, as well as the benefit to the state.

Then we created a 4 second end tag to be used on all 30 second TV and Video executions that announced the exact amount of money the Lottery has given to the KEES Scholarship Program over the years. This tag is continuously updated as the amount grows to a significant new milestone.

We also have made the KEES Scholarship logo one of the parameters to be included on all Lottery adverting and promotions – including Lottery Point of Sale Materials.

And, we recommended the creation of a digital/broadcast campaign featuring actual KEES recipients telling their success stories of how these scholarships help them to achieve their dreams.

The creator of the costumes in this spot is an actual KEES recipient. We took advantage of that by creating a spot about her and her KEES story.


Since beginning the push to tell the story of where the money goes in 2018, there has been a very significant growth in awareness across the state.

Awareness of where the Kentucky Lottery proceeds go in FY22Q4 increased directionally from the previous quarter (50% up to 52%) and significantly compared to FY21Q4 (46%).