How to keep the lottery top-of-mind as a way to put a little more fun in your day.

The Kentucky Lottery falls within a crowded space when it comes to the purchase of entertainment-valued products. How can we keep our current customer base engaged and also appeal and broaden our audience base?


Audience Segmentation and Messaging.

Our job is to understand how different audiences’ value and spend $1-$30 on a little fun and layering in how Kentucky Lottery’s product portfolio can provide that entertainment value for them. While some say broadcast is old-school, we see it as an opportunity to continue to build awareness and provide a true break of entertainment. We then layer this with CTV and digital video placements – this way we are reaching current players and potential new players across all adult age groups – and then couple those ideas with in-store point of sale to create memorability and encourage trial of new games as they hit the retailer’s shelves.