Extra, extra! Read all about it on… Twitter and Facebook

When you think of the social site mega powers Twitter and Facebook, you may not consider them a source of news. However a new study from the Pew Research Center has some impressive stats that may change your mind.

According to the report, 63% of both Twitter and Facebook users claim the services are now sources of news for them—and not just a way to keep up with friends and family. That’s a significant increase when compared to the same time in 2013, when 52 percent of Twitter users and 47 percent of Facebook users said they used the platform for news.

Facebook, Twitter and even Snapchat have made a concerted effort to incorporate news into their platforms. Each bringing forth a news product to the table, showing a serious commitment that they want to be more than just a site to share a photo and post a status.

Pew defines news as “events and issues outside of friends and family.” Though over 60 percent of both Facebook and Twitter users said that they use the platforms for news, Twitter still reigns far superior  when it comes to breaking news. With Twitter’s recent purchase of Periscope, it further solidifies its role in the of not only real-time news, but also real-time video.

It’s easy to see from the statistics above that users are consuming news on these sites, but what is interesting is that only about a quarter of users who get their news from these social sites actually post or tweet about news at 28% and 23% respectively, the Pew Study reports. This poses the question regarding how engaged the social site users really are with the news they are seeing here.

However, if you look at the study’s finding on engagement with political content on the sites, the percentages are much higher, illustrating a keen interest in these subjects.

These findings further solidify the important role that social media plays in both reaching an engaged audience and the impact it can have when communicating a news related message.

It may be true that no one wants to read your standard press release online, however they do want to know your news. With the increased capabilities of social media, there are new and different ways developing almost daily to deliver news and information to consumers.

Be on the lookout for Facebook’s Instant Articles and Twitter’s Project Lightning. Both are geared toward news and should bring about some interesting developments on how we use social sites to consume, share and engagement with news content.

View the full Pew Study here.