How We Do What We Do

Our Process

We believe in getting the Brand right first, because quite frankly, if you don’t do that, everything else you do won’t matter. Our process is how we get it right.
It’s a process, that we call Brand Adoption™, and we use it to:

  • Audit an existing Brand to make sure it is heading in the right direction.
  • To rebrand when adjustments are needed.
  • To understand an existing Brand so that all communications will support it properly.
  • To develop a Brand from the ground up both for new organizations/products/services, or for start-up efforts.

Our Process

It’s immersion, consisting of individual and group interviews with all important and relevant internal/external audiences where we look to answer the questions internally…who are we, what can we be and externally…who are we, what should we be?

Our Process

We also complete a deep dive into the business segment to understand motivation and the decision process. We complete a competitive audit. And then we develop the Marketing Opportunity.

Where the Internal, External Discovery and Marketing Opportunity intersect is where we discover the Brand Foundation.

The final step in our process is a Brand Platform which serves as the Brand’s “North Star” moving forward.

What Makes Our Process So Effective?

  • Integrated research component executed by BCH Planners…not a third party.
  • Planning is executed by research team members.
  • Creative Team is directly exposed to the audiences during this process to gain deeper insight into behaviors and motivators.
  • Since we have a Social Media Practice, a Social Audit is part of the Planning process in order to hear the voice of the brand, as well as to understand its competitors and audiences in the market.
  • We also have a PR practice and this is an important part of the Brand launch. PR, earned media, should typically precede any paid media.
  • All of our internal teams and disciplines collaborate to manage the Brand and Brand Reputation in the marketplace.
“Brand experiences build brand reputations.”
Matt Kamer

Communication/Channel Planning

Once the Brand Platform is developed we begin Communication Planning. This part of the Process is based on our Brand Engagement Map™. We take all channels into consideration. It is imperative to ensure that your brand is viable across all channels. Research and Account Planning are a key element in this process.