Newhart Elfs it up for BCH’s new Kentucky Lottery Spot

Focus groups have been used for years to help determine everything from package design to entire campaign strategies — but what if that focus group took place at the North Pole? And what if the elf moderating that focus group was none other than comedy legend, and Papa Elf from the movie ELF, Bob Newhart? That’s the premise behind the latest spot BCH created for the Kentucky Lottery.

The agency submitted several concepts for this year’s Holiday Lottery Scratch-off TV spot, but the Focus Group concept resonated the most with the client, especially when it was suggested that the moderator elf might be Bob Newhart. When approached for the project, Mr. Newhart loved the concept and even suggested a comedic bit involving scented holiday greeting cards that the agency and client team gladly embraced.

Word Industries was hired to handle the production with Ross Simpson directing. The spot was shot in West Hollywood and edited at Videobred here in Louisville. The spot started airing on Thanksgiving and will continue through the holiday season.

The 30-second TV spot can be seen on local broadcast TV throughout Kentucky with a 15-second and 60-second version playing on video placements and social media.