Newhart in New Campaign

The Story

We developed a campaign for Holiday Scratch-Offs, featuring Bob Newhart, reprising his role as Papa Elf from the movie, Elf. As the Lottery’s lead agency, we worked with the Lottery’s Marketing Team to create the overall communications strategy. We then created the concept, worked with outside production companies to create TV spots to air on broadcast stations, and videos for social media. We also worked with them to place a digital only teaser campaign prior to the first airing of the television. We helped their internal PR department with the production of several videos on the making of the commercials. We worked closely with their internal Sales Team to create POS materials featuring Papa Elf. And our Media Team worked closely with the Lottery’s internal Media Team to create a Media strategy and approach to get the highest reach and frequency within the given budget.

The result of this collaboration between the agency and client teams – sales of Lottery Holiday Scratch-Off games were two and a half times greater (250%) than the prior year.

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