Do what you love and love what you do

On any employee’s first day at BCH, they are given a small card of “Promises”… a short list of brief statements about who we are and how we work. After a handful of statements about original thinking, collaboration and communication, one final promise stands out, perhaps more than the others:

“We will remember that this isn’t brain surgery.”

It’s true. Advertising and public relations can be the toy box of the marketing world… and at BCH we know that we can do great work and still have fun while doing it. So, fostering that kind of culture is important to us.

We’re proud that Business First recently recognized our unique culture and named BCH one of its Best Places to Work. This designation is a result of employee surveys Business First conducted online. You can read more about it here, or take it from our employees. Here is some of what they referenced in their survey responses.

We’re Flexible: Look, there is such a thing as a work/life balance, and we are intentional about making sure it exists. Need to drop your car for service in the morning? Have a plumber coming by the house at lunch? Plus, beginning Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day, our offices close at 2 p.m. on Fridays. While team members remain responsible for to meeting all deadlines and being available to clients, this added flexibility helps them enjoy summer.

We’re a Team: We have an agency kickball team, we had a team run a 5K just to support a co-worker’s cardiac rehab, and there are occasional laptop huddles to help a teammate score front row concert tickets. Also, on any non-summer Friday, you can usually find a group of employees celebrating the end of the work week with a glass of wine or a beer from our renowned beer fridge at our Happy Hours. The group will differ from week to week, depending on who’s involved in what project at any given time… so there’s always fresh and robust conversations that boost comradery among employees. Cheers to that!

We’re Quirky: Want to work from couches rather than your desk? How about the rooftop deck? Show us your new tattoo and bring in your pet dog, hedgehog or snake to keep you company on occasion. Be sure not to miss the Super Bowl chili cook-off, the annual Snatch ‘n’ Grab holiday gift exchange, costume and pumpkin carving contests, Gary’s grilled peaches and ice cream, or even when a wallaby from the Louisville Zoo stops by for a visit.

We’re In this Together: We have kept our agency very flat in terms of structure and hierarchy. This helps us foster an entrepreneurial culture so that team members can act like owners and everyone’s thoughts and ideas are valued the same. From intern to partner, all ideas are accepted and considered.

In our business, we can only be as good as the ideas we generate for our clients. And we know that happy employees are more productive and more collaborative, all of which feeds creativity and innovation. So… while, yes, we do have to get up and go to work each day, here at BCH we believe that at least we can enjoy what we do and who we do it with.