Bringing a Lottery Brand to life and breaking records doing it.

The Story

When the Kentucky Lottery hired BCH as Agency of Record they had just completed a record year.  We approached the business with the attitude that “records were meant to be broken.”  Initially we wanted to firmly establish a Brand for the Lottery and its products.  Our recommendation was to build the brand around our recommended  Vision for the organization…Become known as an organization that makes Kentucky a better place.  The Brand essense in our Brand Platform recommendation was that of a “Playful Escape.”

We utilize Brand Archetypes to fully articulate the spirit behind a Brand.

This helps our Clients and their Staff fully understand the brand’s personality.

12 Fundamental Archetypes…each with its family of 4 Sub-Archetypes

For the Lottery we used the Entertainer and the Citizen Archetypes to drive our creative strategy.  This was woven into all communications and sales promotion initiatives.  Our research showed that a key motivator to play was ‘fear of loss” or sometimes referred to as FOMO (fear of missing out).  We utilized this across multiple game platforms.

In addition to marketing of the products we also initiated a communications strategy to educate their markets on “where the money goes”…generated by lottery game proceeds.  When people feel better about a lottery, research indicates that play increases.  And used this message not only on corporate communication but also reinforced on sales promotion messaging.  BCH developed the line “Fueling imagination. Funding Education” to facilitate this.

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Quarterly tracking studies continually show an increase in favorable attitudes…20% increase since the initiative began…toward the lottery as more Kentuckians are aware of how the lottery helps fund education.

BCH did indeed deliver on “records are meant to be broken.” We helped the lottery achieve consecutive record years starting in 2012.  The record sales culminated in Fiscal 2017 when the Lottery sales topped $1billion for the first time in their history.  Scratch off sales in March 2017 were the 2nd highest in the Lottery’s history helping reach the record sales total.

“BCH has been a great partner to help us refine our Brand identity and helped us establish that the Lottery does in fact make Kentucky a better place.”
Steve Casebeer, SVP Marketing & Sales

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