BCH wins 2018 NASPL Batchy Award


BCH attended the annual North America Association of State and Provincial Lottery (NASPL) awards banquet in Cleveland, Ohio, with tenured client, the Kentucky Lottery. BCH was honored to win NASPL’s Batchy Award for Corporate Communications in the Retail Newsletter category for the newly renamed and redesigned “The Quarter”.  Edie Frakes, VP of Marketing at Kentucky Lottery said “BCH hit it out of the park with our first edition of the Kentucky Lottery’s Quarter Retailer Magazine.  This project was a true partnership between BCH and our marketing, corporate communications and sales teams to deliver a new and exciting piece to retailers – one of our most important partners and ambassadors of our brand.” BCH was one of over a dozen submissions in the category and took home the highest honor for the category.


Pictured from left to right: Edie Frakes, VP Marketing at Kentucky Lottery |Tom Delacenercie, President and CEO at Kentucky Lottery | Allison Pitman, Partner at BCH