Ad Bowl Musings…

By Gary Sloboda, Partner/Executive Creative Director

Who’s going to win the Ad Bowl this year… the most entertaining spots, or the spots with the most social impact? This was a question that we asked at the start of the week to give you a little perspective when looking at the biggest commercials of the year. And we gave you a taste of commercials in each category that will make their debuts at this year’s game.


Let’s keep it rolling with a spot that’s sure to get a lot of buzz as one of the favorites after the game.

Stella Artois has a spot that goes big in both entertaining and having a social impact. First of all, what a great idea, a great way to use the characters that create a natural tie to the product. The entertainment in this spot is nothing subtle, but the reference to the cause it is supporting is. Like the Dude – very cool. But does the cause get lost? Will anyone remember anything about this spot but the Dude and Carrie Bradshaw – and the cost? Take a look.



Is Pepsi Okay?

That’s what Steve Carell wants to know in this entertaining ad from Pepsi. Fun, festive, but will there be buzz? Maybe an even better question, okay?


Feb. 1 Update:

Zoe Kravitz for Michelob Ultra. Pure cause? Or pure borrowed interest?

This spot had me waiting for something big that never came – an ask from a major brand to support a cause that helps the environment. But no. Still, it’s a beautiful 45 seconds to watch. And it does make a point, that this beer is made of natural ingredients that are as pure as it gets. It’s organic, actually. But what does that mean? Enjoy this moment, quietly. It will be the big game’s most calming spot, no doubt.


Feb. 2 Update:

Look at all the celebrities

Hey, if you can afford it, why not? Celebrities are like magnets; put one in your commercial and watch all the attention it attracts. Some more so than others. And some celebrities work well with the concept, and some are just celebrities in a commercial. This Super Bowl certainly has its share of commercials with celebrities in them. They entertain, they push a cause. Take a look, here’s a nice, big selection of spots with celebrities, including one spot with what seems like a new celebrity every few seconds. Does all this fame work for you?