A new idea for an established brand within an established brand

The Story

An important aspect of the QSR segment today is having a viable Value Platform. It is in fact, the price of entry. McDonald’s is no exception. But their current Value Platform has been around for quite a while, so we felt it needed to be refreshed. We felt it needed some “news.” We felt there was a need to develop an alternative to the national Value Platform. Utilizing our research facility, we conducted a series of Focus Groups to test a Value Platform that we created. Part of the testing also included Branding concepts to name and market the Platform. Our strategy was to provide appeal and variety that did not sacrifice sufficient margins. After testing the Value Platform was established as Mickey D’s Deals.

Project Product Development / Branding / Digital / TV / Video / POP
Deliverables Research / Planning / Creative / Design / PR / Social / Media
Business Segment Quick Service Restaurant

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This initiative is in testing in one of our McDonald’s geographic regions. Market performance will determine is this product line will be rolled out. And this is currently yet to be determined. Initial results are very favorable, however. This success could be from the insight that Value now means something new and different in the QSR category. Or maybe it’s because when it comes to value and McDonald’s, consumers are just lovin’ it.

“"BCH is a branding partner that can create game changing ideas like Mickey D’s Deals. We appreciate that.” ”
Jim Props, McDonald’s Franchisee

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