Remember the horse your brand rode in on

Ever wonder what happened to one of the strongest brands ever in the history of retail: Sears? Everyone in the marketing business probably has. After all, their tagline used to be: “Sears has everything.” And they practically did. Wrenches, lawn tractors, shoes, shirts, refrigerators, sewing machines, pre-fab DIY house kits – you name it. So, […]

TV spot recognized among top work for state lotteries

While usually we are celebrating the Kentucky Lottery’s big winners, sometimes even the lottery itself is the winner. Recently, BCH’s work with the Kentucky Lottery was honored by the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL) at its annual awards ceremony, where the “Putting Your Lucky Numbers to Work” commercial earned an honorable […]

The art of Account Management  

3 most important traits of a good Account Manager Some say that Account Managers or Account Executives in Ad agencies are no longer relevant.  In the parlance of our times…to steal from The Big Lebowski…Project Manager may be the more relevant term.  We think it’s just a matter of semantics.  No matter what you call […]

Do what you love and love what you do

In our business, we can only be as good as the ideas we generate for our clients. And we know that happy employees are more productive and more collaborative, all of which feeds creativity and innovation…

For a great lesson in Branding, visit a successful restaurant

A restaurant that gets it right is a branding thing of beauty. Consistency and constancy over time builds brands and great restaurants know it. They also know what many brands appear to forget – it’s all about delivering a great customer experience every time…